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  1. If you can just pay for the system yourself, you can laugh when you pass a gas station or pay a utility bill.
  2. Borrow money personaly and be sure to pay it back.
  3. Start a dedicated savings account and save your money.
  4. If I have available funds I will front the cost with proper collateral and contract at 5% interest per year.
  5. Use a financial institution and make payments with your savings. (no gas, emission stickers or engine repairs)

At this time I am trying to develop a list of lenders who will make an "EnergyLink Line of Credit"© or an "EnergyLink Mortgage"© of $15,000 for vehicles or $50,000 for homes. Also, I will be looking for other sources of funding. Check here periodically for updates and a list of funding sources when I find them.

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